Manage spending, collection, claims and employee files on one place. Know the numbers and be alerted when adjustments are needed.


Use this tool to track outstanding AR. Enter outstanding AR by payer type and record attempts at collection by recording follow-up attempts through steps of information gathering, clinical review and pending determination.

Ensure that the office manager, Administrator, billing service or other related parties follow-up to any unpaid services or claims by using this tool.


Don't let a RAC audit get lost. This module creates a systemic process to ensure that all requests from fiscal intermediaries are handled in a prompt manner by creating a flow chart that walks all inquiries and requests through the chain from time of receipt until resolution and inclusive of any appeals with corporate oversight. Receive email reminders when due dates are approaching.


Stay in compliance with CMS and the Affordable Care Act that requires facilities to electronically submit direct care staffing data to include agency and contract staff. Let our Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) module help streamline your process by creating your submission file with one click. 


Track facility spending by user defined cost centers, PPD or fixed monthly cost. Enter invoices and follow budgeted amount as it is spent down – as easy as a simple checkbook journal. Corporate is able to monitor spending throughout the month without waiting for  posted invoices in a robust accounting software. Use this module to assist in making real time purchase approvals. Receive alerts when a cost center is close to reaching their allotted budget. Customization is easy to allow multiple cost centers and budgets within each facility and/or group of homes.


Let our HR module streamline your personnel documentation by alerting you when the following data is out of compliance – background check, employee misconduct Registry (EMR), TB skin tests, license expiration, CPR certification & more. Eliminate separate documents and folders by tracking this info in one location. Provide the required documentation for surveyors with ease. Run your HR Review report for your daily standup. Create a corporate wide no re-hire list to avoid making the same mistake twice

“The HR module has completely streamlined our documentation process and has helped keep my facilities compliant with licensure survey.”

- Cameron Roach, LNFA Corporate Administrative Director


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