Track, trend and improve performance.

“QI Equip has been a huge asset to my facility by meeting
all of the new CMS requirements. We have relied on it more and more over time to assist in the operation of our facilities and prepare for our surveys.” 
– SNF Regional Manager

QIequip is a web-based LTC software solution to help manage your core information and trend administrative and clinical data. With basic reporting, tracking and trending analysis tools, QIequip has emerged to match the challenge of managing multi-facility environments. 

Easy to use. 

QIEquip is designed to be a user-friendly management tool at your fingertips that includes the key indicators and data needed to manage your facilities efficiently and effectively. 


On the go. 

Track and trend your quality measures on the go. Because QIequip is internet-based, there is nothing to install, and you can be connected while on the go. It works on all major browsers and mobile devices so you are always in touch. 


This software was developed by professionals in the healthcare industry, so we know how important the bottom line is. This is why we have developed a monthly subscription fee that will fit any size organization. Whether you have a single home or a large company, we have a price plan for you. 

Updated for your needs.

The QI Equip software is designed for easy module upgrades and implementation. Once you subscribe to our service, you get access to all modules and upgrades as they are published. Have a suggestion that better suites your needs? Each Module caters to specific reporting needs and is designed for quick deployment. 

Featured Modules


  • Daily Census

  • Administrative Reporting 

  • Facility Grievances

  • Facility Inquiries 

  • Weekly & Monthly Key Indicators 



  • Weekly & Monthly Key Indicators 

  • Daily Direct Care Staffing 

  • Clinical Reporting 

  • Personnel Competency Review 


  • Spend Down Tracker 

  • AR Tracking 

  • Claims Tracking 

  • Payroll Based Journal 

  • HR 



  • Life Safety 

  • Facility Inventory 



  • In-Service Tracking 

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