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Easily capture therapist time in building and use it for required CMS reporting. Leverage the data along with treatment minutes to track therapist productivity.


Capture hours for payroll

RMS provides an efficient timecard entry function that allows therapists to track their time in the facility or facilities if they travel between locations and treat patients. If a therapist has treated at multiple facilities during the day or week, they are presented with all facilities they treated for each day. This data can be captured for payroll purposes and exported to a third-party payroll system. Prior to export to payroll, the timecards need to be approved by a facility’s regional manager.


Provide nursing home with required PBJ data

The captured payroll data can be used to generate the CMS required Staffing Data Submission Payroll Based Journal or PBJ. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all facilities to electronically submit direct care staffing information. This includes agency and contract staff. Therapist and therapy assistants are direct care staff and their hours need to be captured and submitted.  The data can be provided as a report or in XML format which is required if data is going to be uploaded electronically to the CMS portal. This same data can also be utilized to generate facility cost reports.


Track productivity

A therapist’s hours in building are essential for tracking therapist productivity. By comparing this time with the treatment hours provided to patients, the system can calculate the therapist’s productivity. With this provided metric, you know how to direct your management efforts. Which therapist/facilities are doing well and which may need some improvement. The system also provides treatment minutes broken out by payor source and pro bono as well as group and concurrent treatment minutes.


Create daily and weekly schedules

The software also has a therapist scheduling tool used to assign patients to therapist by week or day. The clinical manager can set the schedule at the start of week and then review the schedule daily to ensure workloads are being managed and maintained.


RMS also provides a calendar system to manage days of request. Therapists and managers can use this feature to request and approve time off. This is a useful tool to ensure your therapy rooms are always staffed properly.

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