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RMS will work seamlessly with your facility’s EMR to keep your organization working smoothly. We proudly integrate with both Point Click Care and American Health Tech.


Admits, discharges and transfers

Managing a facility’s therapy case load is made even easier if RMS is integrated with the
facility’s EMR system. The software shares many integration points with both PCC and AHT. 
These integration points allow for the flow of patient data to pass down to RMS when a new or returning resident is admitted to the facility. This ensures that all patient data is accurate and
up to date. When a patient discharges from the facility that is also communicated to RMS from the facility’s EMR.


Patient treatment minutes

As patients receive treatments, these therapy minutes flow back to the facility’s EMR system to be included in the patient’s MDS. Data exports of monthly treatment data can be provided for any EMR system to assist facilities in billing. The data includes patient, date, discipline, HCPC code, minutes, units, and all necessary modifiers.

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