Track, trend and improve performance.

“My therapists love RMS and the ease of entering the data into the system is perfect for our SNF clients”  

– Regional Manager, SNF Contract Therapy Company

Rehab Management Solutions was developed by a team that owns and operates a SNF contract-based therapy company. The goal was simple: To develop a software program that will perform all the functions needed to track and record treatments, allow for documentation that meets all regulatory compliance standards and integrate with most major EMR software packages to make submission of claims seamless and effective. The software was streamlined to perform all these tasks easily with minimal training and not burdened with extra modules not commonly used in the SNF environment. The resulting product, RMS, has been tried and tested in several states and in conjunction with several different LTC software packages to date and is performing well.


“Our therapy company uses RMS and we have had great success preparing our bills to Medicare each month timely and accurately.” SNF Administrator Texas Nursing Facility


Most contract therapy companies can save 50-70% of their software expense by switching to Rehab Management Solutions while not sacrificing any of the required modules or effectiveness of the larger more expensive products. Another great benefit is that we can customize the software to meet the needs of our clients to make sure the product is the best fit possible for them.


“RMS has always made the changes we request in a quick and professional manner. This allows me the ability to meet my clients needs.” – Contract Therapy Company Owner

Key Features


  • Easily admit new patients

  • Create treatment plans for multiple disciplines

  • Enter and mange required documentation

    • Evaluations

    • Progress Notes

    • Recertifications

    • Discharge Summary

    • Section GG

    • Screening Forms

    • Various other test/form

  • Electronically sign documentation

  • Quickly enter daily treatments and notes


  • Define rates by payer source

  • Quickly print billing packets

  • Export data in a variety of formats for
    import into billing systems


  • Create daily and weekly schedules

  • Capture hours for payroll

  • Track productivity

  • Approve time cards

  • Manage days off request

  • Provide nursing home with required PBJ data


  • View a wealth of reports at both executive and facility levels

  • Group nursing homes into corporate groups

  • Group nursing homes by region


  • Admits, discharges and transfers

  • Therapist minutes

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