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RMS has a diverse report library for every level of your organization.  From tracking and trending treatment minutes to therapist productivity, RMS will keep you connected to your organization.


View a wealth of reports at both executive and facility levels

RMS provides a wealth of reports both at an executive level as well as facility level. These reports will help you manage and run an effective therapy company or rehab department. The software allows you to group homes by region or corporate ownership in order to track performance by these groupings.


Targeted reports by audience

At the corporate level, a detailed facility report can be generated weekly to quickly compare revenue to payroll cost to help you spot troubling trends. There are several therapist productivity, payroll, overtime, and labor cost reports to help you track your expenses and keep your organization functioning efficiently. Monthly revenue trending, monthly labor to revenue comparison and revenue comparison reports are provided to help you track income.


At a facility level traditional treatment log grids can be generated for patients. One can also track Part A billable days; this is essential in verifying admit and discharge dates are correct for patients. The Missing and Incomplete Documentation report is also another very critical report used to ensure the documentation story is complete


Track & trend by payor source

There are several reports to Track Part A treatments and revenue weekly and monthly. Trend Part A revenue, per minute revenue and minutes provided by facility weekly or monthly. Review PDPM case mix and minutes provided. There are several Part B performance reports that can be generated both monthly and weekly. Use the system to also track pro bono services provided.

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