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With numerous facility and payor source configuration options, end of month billing is made simple. Provide your client or billing department with all they need to quickly get paid for the services your therapy department has provided.

Define rates by payor source

When it comes time to generate billing, RMS has a wealth of options for configuring billing models by facility. Most homes will use a standard billing model that separates residents by payor sources. Part A and like payor sources can be configured to bill as a percentage of the PDPM therapy component daily rate or a flat per diem rate. Part B and like payor sources are billed at a percentage of the therapy cost calculated using the CMS physician fee schedule. You can also set the percentage of the MPPR burden that will be paid by the facility vs the therapy provider.


Other billing models include ‘By Hour’ and ‘By Encounter’. Both allow you to set a rate for therapist and assistances by discipline. Then that rate is applied by time worked in the case of ‘By Hour’ and by patient encounter when configured as ‘By Encounter’.


Quickly print billing packets

Quickly print invoices and billing packets by facility. Select the facility and choose Complete Billing Packet and click submit. The billing packet includes an invoice page, billing summary for each payor source and detailed treatment logs for each resident treated. All dates, HCPC codes, minutes, units, modifiers and treating therapist are listed by treatment and can be used for billing Medicare and insurance. 


Export data in a variety of formats for import into billing systems

A data export of the monthly billing can be generated from the system to upload to your EMR or billing system. The software can be configured to provide this billing data in variety of formats for whatever EMR/billing system you have. Data exports created for an EMR will contain all necessary data to bill Medicare and insurance. The data includes patient, date, discipline, HCPC code, minutes, units, and all necessary modifiers.

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