These key tools allow your facility to achieve operational success with ease. Track & trend operations at a glance or focus in on specific follow-up items. 


Track your census daily by payer type or number of residents out to hospital. Set payer mix goals and see percentages of goals met. Adjust goals quickly based on the changes in the market. Send automatic daily alerts via email sent to corporate if census not entered.


Track grievances and maintain a grievance log. Record every detail with ease. Alert corporate via email if grievance is not being resolved. Present state surveyors documentation with just a couple clicks. Stay compliant and avoid tag F585 by streamlining your grievance process.


Keep your staff informed and educated with this easy in-service scheduler. Remain in compliance for surveys by scheduling both recurring and one-time in-services. Upload a list of participants and signatures for documentation. Utilize the scheduler as a tool for directed in-services as part of a plan of correction. 


Track & trend key facility indicators weekly & monthly to ensure tasks are being performed including admissions, discharges, Medicare caseload, MDS assessments, reportable incidents & more. An executive summary is provided for owners to get a baseline of operations with one single weekly & monthly report. Each report can be used to see where more follow-up is needed.


Stay compliant with the government health agencies by tracking your PPE inventory against your facilities PAR level. Add, remove and adjust inventoried items as well as establish PAR levels. Review current and prior day inventories to look for changes in the levels. Review a snap shot of all facilities allowing for the immediate transfer of PPE when inventory drops below PAR levels.


Access current policies and forms at any time with ease. Organize and update forms across multiple facilities to ensure corrected and clean documents are used. Need help with forms? We would be happy to create the forms needed for your facilites. 

COVID-19 really changed the way the healthcare industry operates. With that, features were added to the software to better assist with new operations. The COVID Daily Inventory feature is a testament of our ability to create modules and tools quickly in order to react to changes within the facility or industry.


“As the director of clinical operations over 12 skilled nursing facilities, the COVID daily inventory module has assisted me in streamlining our inventory process during this pandemic.”

- Ricky Simpson, RN, LNHA


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